Collections & Contract Litigation

Dealing With a Contract Dispute?

Dealing With a Contract Dispute?

Connect with a contract attorney in Tolland, CT

Unpaid bills and broken contracts are difficult things to deal with. You need a collections attorney or contract attorney to help you through this process. Tolisano & Danforth, LLC has the collections attorney you need in Tolland, CT. Brian D. Danforth works with local hospitals and banks, debt buyers, collections agencies and national insurance companies to help clients get the money they're owed.

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Tackling your contract issue

When an employee or contractor breaks the terms of your contract, you may be in for a legal battle. Attorney Danforth is a contract attorney who assists clients with all kinds of contract disputes, including:

  • Insurance contracts- helping clients seek the payout they need
  • Employee contracts- protecting your business when an employee breaks their contract
  • Home improvement contracts- working to make sure your home receives the work it needs

Most recently, he represented over 100 clients in a dispute with a contractor who installed faulty foundations. This situation went all the way to the state Supreme Court, and attorney Danforth worked hard for each of these clients. Call 860-871-2422 today to speak to him about your legal matter.